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With social media booming right now, people are starting to adopt the idea that being sad is “cool”, for a lack of better words. They romanticize it, flaunt it and expose it for the world to see. I’m not saying that depression isn’t real and that people don’t actually suffer from it. My point is that it seems like being depressed is becoming a trend rather than an actual mental distress. Rather than boast of how sad you are on the internet, make the effort to create happiness and to find a positive outlook on life. I understand it’s good to vent occasionally but it’s even better find a solution. Immerse yourself in a hobby, read a book, create music, play a sport, join a team. Anything is better than doing nothing at all. Be positive. Be loving.

You and I will never be the same. You say you try but you never change. You can hide and say you’re not to blame. I thought you would’ve learned your lesson by now.
Attack Attack!
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